I am Ellen, a wife and mother of 2 boys (one with autism).   This site is dedicated to my sons and helping other parents and caregivers who have children with autism.

“Swimming in the Deep End” is a reference to how my younger son finally learned how to swim (after a few years of lessons with no success).  The swim instructor took him to the deep end of the pool and treaded water with his feet just below my son.  This taught my son to keep his head above water because he could not just simply stand in the pool, and the instructor was right there any time my son would start to sink (he could bounce off the instructor’s feet!)   Learning to swim was a breeze from then on, and my son is now like a fish in the water.

I thought that this was also a great analogy for teaching our kids.  We need to let them go “in the deep end” — on their own and learning for themselves — but also be right there if they need any help and guiding.     I think this is true for all kids but even more true (and harder in many ways) for kids with autism.

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