Symptoms and Issues by Type of Autism

Severity of sensory issues

Sensory issues as reported by parents of those with Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism and those who have autism/Classic Autism.  Around 40% of both groups say that their sensory issues are strong to severe (as indicated by a 4 or 5 rating on a 5-point scale.)


I thought I would write another blog post while waiting for results on the sensory issues survey.  If you haven’t taken that survey yet, please do so here:


My survey on sensory issues was inspired by the fact that it is one of the key issues that many people with autism deal with.   Despite the fact that my own son has very limited expressive language, I often find his sensory issues the most frustrating for both of us to deal with!

Sensory issues are a unifying factor across the spectrum of individuals with autism, a top issue for both those with classic autism and those with higher functioning autism or Asperger’s (sensory issues are the #2 symptom only to social difficulties among the higher-functioning group).

Key symptoms by type of autism


When comparing strong to severe symptoms between these 2 groups, some of the things that stand out slightly more for those with higher functioning autism or Asperger’s are things like anxiety, ADHD, eating, sleep, and sensory issues.    Things that stand out more for the kids with classic autism are language issues (by far) and problems with independence (self-help and self-care) which go along with problems with speech and language.

different in symptoms 3

When looking at co-occurring conditions, we see that parents who have kids with higher-functioning types of autism are more likely to report that they are dealing with issues like ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and mood disorder.  It’s also possible that those of us who have kids with classic autism are more focused on speech/language issues and the more basic needs for independence and self-care, and that the issues around attention and anxiety are less of priority.

Co occuring conditions by type of autism


I’m getting close to getting enough responses on the sensory survey to report back soon!    I hope to have to insights on the types of therapies and interventions parents are using to help their kids in this critical area.