Co-Occurring Conditions with Autism

Autism is typically not a standalone diagnosis…According to the survey results (based on reports from 188 parents of people with autism), most of those with autism have some other “co-occurring” condition.      One-third (34%) have 1 co-occurring condition, and another third (35%) have 2 or more co-occurring conditions.   The final third (32%) do not report any other diagnosis or disorder.



When looking at the specific co-occurring conditions that are reported, anxiety and ADHD top the list, followed by OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), apraxia of speech, and mood disorder.  Given that the three “prongs” of an autism diagnosis are speech/language difficulties, social issues, and repetitive/unusual behaviors, these co-occurring conditions are not surprising.



20% mention some “other” specific co-occurring conditions with autism, shown in the word cloud below.      Most of these comments mention sensory processing disorder (SPD) and specific speech/language issues like articulation issues, phonological disorder and echolalia.


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