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By Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Conditions…

Not surprisingly, I discovered that parents are more likely to report their kids making strong progress if the child has an Asperger’s, High-Functioning Autism, or a PDD-NOS diagnosis.   The progress rating is lower among those with Autism or Classic Autism (36% give a 7 or higher rating on 10-point scale).



Also, the more co-occurring conditions a child has, the less likely the parents are to report a favorable progress rating.



When looking at specific co-occurring conditions, some of these conditions appear to have a more significant impact on perception of overall progress vs. others.  Parents who report that their child has Apraxia of Speech or Epilepsy show lower progress ratings on average (Caution: these sample sizes are small, <30.  Progress ratings of 7 or higher were compared.)

Progress ratings for children with co-occurring conditions like ADHD and Anxiety disorder are similar to the progress ratings for those who do not have any co-occurring conditions.



Progress by Co-Occurring Conditions




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