And the survey results are in…

These are just preliminary results as I really hope to get more responses to the survey.   But here is where the survey stands in terms of who took the survey and how they describe their children with autism (please click here for some background on this research project).  It looks like these initial results are in line with other research I’ve seen.

  • Most of the survey respondents have only one child with autism – 13% have 2 or more children on the spectrum:


  • The ages of the children with autism represented in this survey are evenly spread over 3 age groups: 34% are age under 5, 31% are age 6-11, and 35% are age 12 or older.


  • About half of the respondents say that their son or daughter was originally diagnosed with Autism or Classic Autism.   The other half have other diagnoses like High-functioning autism, PDD-NOS, or Asperger’s.


  • Many of the parents surveyed say that their child was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 or 3.
  • Parents of kids with Autism/Classic Autism are more likely to be diagnosed at younger ages.



  • Respondents are more likely to say that their children with autism are boys.
  • The survey respondents are also more likely to live in the US. 13% live in a country outside the US.



The survey is still open!  Would like to have more responses in order to look at the information by diagnosis, time since diagnosis, age of child, etc.  So if you haven’t completed the survey please do so at:

Next blog post:  Evaluation of Autism therapies and interventions

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